AI2P was founded in 1991 by Jean Mandrou and acquired Acaplast in 2009, with the aim of diversifying the group’s automotive activities by leveraging AI2P’s plastic expertise to complement Acaplast’s rubber business.  Serving manu-facturers in the electronics, household appliances, cosmetics, PPE and sports sectors, AI2P provides expertise in the industrialization and production of plastic components.

Our Expertise

Specializing in the manufacture and assembly of value-added plastic parts, the Lourdes site supports its customers in their industrialization projects.  Working autonomously, the plant designs approximately 150 tools per year and offers many production and finishing activities.  

Our Capabilities

AI2P strives to select materials according to the customer's needs, offering a wide variety of shapes and finishes. The company specializes in plastic parts with high added value for household appliances, but also for many other products and industrial sectors.

Our Certifications

AI2P is ISO 9001: 2015 certified.

Contact Us

11 rue Ampère
65100 Lourdes
Phone: +33 5 62 42 13 00
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11 Rue Ampère
65100 Lourdes
+33 (0)5 62 42 13 00

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