Sports & Leisure

Sporting gear for your comfort and safety

Health and wellness trends have seen a growth in physical activity and an increase in the sale of sports-related equipment. 


Acaplast produces 2K components and overmolded metal inserts for sports and leisure equipment for activities ranging from skiing to cycling, from horseback riding to mountaineering.  We manufacture and assemble parts with technical precision and perform associated tests to ensure the safety and quality of your sports gear.  We can also customize your equipment for added visual appeal and personalization.

Sports & Leisure

Sports Accessories

In recent years, plastic components have truly revolutionized sports practices.  From skiing to cycling, horse riding to mountain climbing, sports accessories incoporate plastics to boost performance.  Lighter and ever more resistant, plastic, silicone and rubber materials are appreciated for their aesthetic and ergonomic qualities.

Safety Equipment

Helmets, knee pads, mouth guards: Plastics are present in most components of sports safety equipment. Depending on the discipline, the equipment may be subject to specific safety norms.  We support you in creating robust parts with excellent shock absorption properties.


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