Complete project management and commitment to quality

Project management is a crucial step in the success of the production phase.  At Acaplast, the management of a project is handled by a dedicated interlocutor, to offer you reliable project management that follows your specifications. We manage all the phases of a project, ensuring the objectives of "Quality/Deadline/Cost".  Once your plastic, rubber or LSR part has been developed, we coordinate the various stages of the industrialization of your parts, assemblies and sub-assemblies at our Euro-Med sites. Whether it's sourcing toolmakers, defining the qualification process or finding appropriate means of production, our project managers will support you in preparing your product for serial production.

A single point of contact
Between 60 and 75 industrialized projects per year
Large network of mold and tool suppliers

Preparation and installation of tools

  • Management of tooling and part development phase
  • Management of the transfer of tools to various production sites

Testing and quality control

  • Final part validation



Our customers are refocusing on their businesses and getting closer and closer to the consumer to understand their expectations and uses. They are, therefore, looking for partners who are specialists in their field, in this case, those processing plastics and rubber. This is what Acaplast tries to do by supporting our clients in their complete project cycle, by providing our implementation expertise. From 3D designs, we can produce injection molded products. We recommend that our clients come to us as early as possible to optimize costs and create quality results.

Jean-Philippe MANDROU

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