A full-service rubber, silicone and plastic component supplier of automotive parts

Acaplast is proud to be serving automotive customers for more than 50 years, providing custom-made development solutions and manufacturing expertise. 


Whether it's powertrain, fuel line & energy storage, body & chassis or electrics & connectors - we create the parts that fit the function.  Acaplast can build to spec or build to print.  We adapt to your ideas and needs -- from the material to the design, from DVP to production -- to create your perfect part.


Fuel & Energy

The automotive market is moving from the traditional internal combustion engine to alternative energy sources like bio-fuels, electricity and hydrogen. There's an increased push for greater fuel efficiency, lighter and more compact vehicles, better environmental performance, safety and recyclability. Acaplast is by your side as you navigate these changes. We'll help you deal with issues of heat, weight, noise, permeability and air and watertightness for optimal vehicle performance using the latest materials and design techniques.


Powertrain systems are constantly evolving as electricity, hydrogen, hybrid systems and other alternative sources of power join combustion engines to propel vehicles on the road today. Zero emissions goals are driving change in the automotive industry and Acaplast is developing parts that meet your powertrain needs. Whether it is a petrol engine, a hydrogen fuel cell or and an electric motor - we can help you create inspired solutions for challenges you face now...or those you can only imagine.


Many unseen compartments of the automobile require wiring and sealing protection against shock and abrasion, heat, dust and fluids to ensure passenger safety and comfort by reducing noise and vibrations. At Acaplast, we design and manufacture the protective parts that keep things running smoothly - from electronics to lighting, from steering systems to sliding door dampers, our protective parts help ensure the optimal performance of your vehicle.


Disruptive technologies, environmental and health considerations, customer expectations and new regulations are driving change in the automotive industry. It means companies need to innovate to survive. At Acaplast, we are proud of our tradition of agile innovation, as we've made it our business to address automotive customers' needs for more than 50 years. SEE CASE STUDY BELOW for an example of Acaplast's innovation at work.


For more about innovation, please visit our blog.


case study

Expandable Rubber Jumper Hose with FTPV Liner

Expandable Rubber Jumper Hose with FTPV Liner


  • Crash test safety
  • PZEV emissions regulation


  • Reengineering of existing Acaplast expandable jumper hose
  • Includes FTPV fluorine-based liner


  • German vehicle rolled out globally

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