Acaplast produces cosmetic packaging components in rubber, plastic and silicone

As the cosmetics industry continues to grow globally, time to market has been drastically reduced. Product innovation, clean beauty and originality drive a market that's in perpetual motion.


Acaplast understands these issues well. We work in strict compliance with your functional and aesthetic requirements to produce the components for your cosmetics packaging in rubber, plastic and silicone.  Short deadlines, precise specifications, proven expertise: you can count on Acaplast to make your cosmetic marketing project a reality.



Mascara Components

Just-in-time production, short lead times, strict sanitary requirements: the pressure is on in the cosmetics industry. In accordance with client specifications, Acaplast supports you in the production of wipers and applicators, which play a key role in the performance of mascara. We study each project according to your specifications to find the best combination of material and design. We'll study different shapes and sizes in rubber and bio-compatible materials to find a solution that's right for your you.

Makeup Accessories

In recent years, the introduction of silicone accessories has revolutionized the makeup application experience. With its soft texture and ease of maintenance, silicone has become an ally in make-up routines. Brushes, sponges and other silicone beauty aids are found on store shelves alongside traditional beauty product accessories. With over 60 years of production experience specializing in rubber, plastic and bi-material components, Acaplast's teams are at your disposal to find the ideal combination of material and design for your silicone makeup accessories.

Beauty and Personal Care Products

The use of silicone in personal care products is gaining momentum in the beauty care industry, providing benefits to brands by making life easier for consumers. The unique properties of silicone -- easy to maintain, non-stick, waterproof -- as well as its attractive price, explain its popularity. Whether you want to develop massage accessories, facial cream applicators or other beauty care products, Acaplast's experts are at your disposal to discuss your cosmetic innovation projects.


Our Other Markets

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