Production of rubber, plastic, LSR, bi-material and overmolded components of the highest quality and at the best cost

Production is one of Acaplast's core activities. Our production capacities have been developed over decades to meet the challenges of our industrial customers. With 9 sites in the Euro-Med region, we can offer a variety of solutions depending on the products, resources and technological requirements of each project. Our production is a balance between know-how and technical excellence, with a commitment to quality in everything we do.

8 production sites in the Euro-Med region
Agility and responsiveness during the serial phase
Flows managed by efficient ERP

Production Capacity

  • 8 production sites in total
  • 6 production sites in France
  • 2 production sites in Mediterranean locations (Tunisia and Morocco)
  • 24/24 Production Cycle 
  • Quantities from 15 tons to 600 tons
  • Parts from1g to 2kg

Transformation Technologies & Processes

  • Single or bi-material thermoplastic injection (62 presses)
  • Liquid Silicone Injection (LSR) (22 presses)
  • Injected rubber (58 presses)
  • Compressed rubber (22 presses)
  • Finishing and assembly (39 lines/machines)

Workshop Quality & Safety

  • Clear flow in the workshops - Lean approach, 5S system
  • Qualified supervisors with on-the-job training
  • Reliable and accessible production management system using high-performance human/machine interface


Our goal:  To be flexible, so that our clients do not miss out on a business opportunity. Our strength lies in knowing how to be responsive to customers' fluctuating needs, whether it's peaks in demand due to a boom in sales, rapid marketing of new components or product developments. We address the challenge head-on by making our production as agile and adaptable as possible.


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