Telecommunications & Security

Acaplast produces components in plastic, rubber and 2K for the telecoms and identity verification industries

At a time when the world is eagerly anticipating the arrival of 5G, telecommunications operators are strengthening and extending their infrastructures to allow the increase in network speed.  Accessing reliable and robust infra-structures and components is essential to telecoms, identification and emergency communications systems.


To reduce the cost of maintenance, to make lines safer and optimize performance, Acaplast supports you in the design and manufacture of plastic, rubber and bi-material components most suitable to your application.  Count on us to decorate and assemble your parts for complex telecommunications and electronic systems.

Telecommunications & Security

Identity Check

Identity check equipment verifies that the person trying to enter a secure area, whether that's a computer, a building or another country, is who they purport to be. Each individual has a set of characteristics or traits, such as fingerprints, which are unique to them and which can be used to verify their identity. Having secure, reliable identity check equipment is of paramount importance to companies and governments alike.

Network Infrastructure

Submarine cables, satellites, underground fibres and utility poles: The telecoms network stretches across the planet. Today, more than ever, telecommunications networks play a vital role in connecting the world, conducting business and maintaining relationships. For operators, it's essential having a reliable partner at your side to deal with the challenges of providing reliable, robust and durable infrastructures and components.

Internet Router Front Panel

Internet Router Front Panel

Emergency Communications

Tunnels, mines, railway and maritime installations, oil and gas platforms are often located in challenging environments, where conventional communications are difficult to access. Extreme conditions combined with isolation make access to communications all the more important to ensure the safety of those on site. The implementation of a safe, reliable and fast communication system is essential. We support you in the design and manufacture of plastic, rubber and bi-material telephone components, as well as in the assembly of complex electronic parts and systems.


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