Energy & Metering

20 years of experience manufacturing, decorating and assembling energy meters

Global increase in energy demand and changes in the power sector are prompting the evolution of energy production and consumption.  New technologies, such as intelligent meters and the smart grid aim to optimize the distribution of renewable energy across networks.


Electrical standards, safety and reliability considerations require energy metering equipment of the highest calibre. With 20 years of experience in the energy, metering and home automation market, Acaplast is at your side to produce, source, decorate and assemble your plastic, silicone and rubber metering components and complex sub-assemblies.


Energy & Metering


Following recent legislation aimed at reducing energy consumption in both private and public buildings, advanced electricity metering is gaining momentum. The centerpiece of electrical systems, the meter, must withstand the incoming current and, at times, extreme environmental conditions. Complying with industry norms, our range of meter casings are suitable for indoor and outdoor metering systems and electrical connectors.


Precision water meters must maintain optimum performance without maintenance for many years, often in harsh environments. The cover protecting the meter must therefore be free of defects to ensure its watertightness. Thanks to our know-how in the field of plastics, we produce tailor-made covers in industrial quantities.

Water Meter

Water Meter


Natural gas is a popular energy source in many households. Market pressures and environmental issues are pushing industry players to innovate smarter connection solutions. New smart meters require robust and airtight housing. From the individual connection box to collective metering equipment, Acaplast creates protective covers that meet GRDF specifications.


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