Pump & Fluid Management

Sealing solutions for water treatment, filtration, sanitation and metering apparatus

Reliable pumps are at the heart of fluid management systems and require watertight seals to ensure the proper functioning and longevity of equipment.  Whether its industry, agriculture or sanitation, Acaplast can support you in defining the right sealing solution for your needs.


Acaplast specializes in seals for water transport, treatment, filtration, sanitation and metering apparatus. We support customers in piloting projects, and develop and monitor connected systems to simplify management and maintenance. Our development team can create EPDM fittings adapted to all types of pipes to facilitate installation and upkeep of your pumping system.

Pump & Fluid Management


Industrial facilities often operate 24-7 and rely on robust and reliable system components that can take a beating day in and day out. Thanks to their high resistance capacity, plastic, silicone and rubber pumping parts guarantee energy savings and optimize your industrial performance. As a material specialist, Acaplast supports you in the production of tailor-made pumping components.


Agricultural equipment is subjected to the onslaught of rain, chemicals, mud and dust, in addition to the regular wear and tear of farming and irrigation operations. Pumping and filtration systems must be reliable and leak-proof to ensure proper operation. Acaplast's tailor-made solutions adapt to all types of pipes and are manufactured in our Euro-Med sites to guarantee you the greatest reliability at an attractive price.


Wastewater treatment plants require precision metering pumps to filter and treat effluent with chemicals to facilitate disinfection. Acaplast provides you with reliable and robust sealing solutions for all your pumping needs and fluid management needs. Acaplast's years of experience in the production of components for water treatment systems gives us the edge in creating solutions with an agile approach. Using your specifications, we manufacture waterproof technical parts in rubber, silicone and plastic that adapt to all types of pipes and needs.

Potable Water

In a world where clean drinking water is an increasingly precious resource, the treatment and conservation of water is imperative. Increasingly complex pumping systems need to meet strict health, safety and conservation standards. Acaplast supports you in the design and manufacture of tailor-made components adapted to your specifications and systems.


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