Acaplast Morocco


Created in 2019, the Acaplast Morocco entity strengthens the group’s position through its proximity to customers in the dynamic markets of the Maghreb. Located in the Kenitra Atlantic Free Zone, Acaplast Morocco began operations in 2020 and benefits from its position in an attractive industrial ecosystem.

Our Expertise

Acaplast Morocco specializes in the production of complex rubber parts and sub-assemblies for the automotive sector. Based on design and development using client specifications carried out in its French sites, Acaplast Morocco produces serial rubber parts, guaranteeing quality products compliant with ISO and IATF standards.

Our Capabilities

A wide variety of products are produced here using a large collection of industrial machinery. Components for vehicle electronics, lighting and steering systems, sliding door damping, fluid management and powertrains are among the many parts produced by Acaplast Morocco.

Contact Us

Atlantic Free Zone
Lots L1.100 et L1.101
14064 Ameur Seflia | Kenitra
Phone: +33 5 55 81 54 32
Acaplast Map

Acaplast Maroc

Atlantic Free Zone - Lots 11.100 et 11.101
14064 Ameur Selfia
+33 (0)5 55 81 54 32

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