Acap 82


The history of Acap 82 dates back to 1844, when King Louis Philippe authorized the creation of a company in Occitanie for wool pinning. Over the years, "Moulins de Saliens" refocused its activities, started manufacturing clogs and rubber boots and eventually adopted rubber, plastic and silicone processing as its core activities. The company saw several takeovers during the 20th century to eventually become Acap 82 in 2007. While the manufacturing processes at Acap 82 have modernized to keep up with demands of the times, the expertise and activities have principally remained the same.

Our Expertise

As a specialist in the manufacture of parts using plastic injection, silicone injection, rubber compression, pressure cutting of rubber or other materials (foam, cork, plastic, etc.) and in making sub-assemblies (plastic, bi-material, etc.), Acap 82 responds to its customers' needs by supporting them throughout the many stages of their projects.

Our Capabilities

Involved in the agricultural sector at its inception, the company quickly expanded its activities to enter new markets. Whether it's aeronautics, rail, armaments, construction, industry, cosmetics or automotive: Acap 82 can produce plastic, rubber and LSR parts for you.

Our Certifications

Acap 82 is ISO 9001: 2015 and IATF 16949 certified.

Contact Us

1650 Route de Villebrumier
82370 Reyniès
Phone: +33 5 63 25 12 12
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