Acaplast France (Tupi)


Located in La Ferté Bernard near Le Mans in the Sarthe, Acaplast France (Tupi) has honed its skills manufacturing and transforming rubber compound for more than 40 years.   Our expertise is renowned in sectors as diverse as construction, food processing equipment, medical devices, agriculture, road infrastructure and others.

Our Expertise

Acaplast France (Tupi) provides the following services and products :

  • Rubber Compounding : Formulate and produce all types of colored elastomers (except silicone), which meet standards and specifications required by our customers. Rubber sold as plates, bands or pellets.
  • Calendering : Raw or vulcanized calendered sheets separated by PE or coated with talc.
  • Manufacturing and Cutting : Produce ready-to-use articles, such as medical cushions, ice packs, equine insemination cones, tourniquets and more.
  • Extrusion
  • Molding : Injection and Compression Molding

Our Capabilities

Faced with increased competition from abroad, Acaplast France (Tupi) retains unique material know-how and its products are 100% "Made in France".  Our exacting customers have shown confidence in us by renewing their partnership with Acaplast France (Tupi) over the years.

Contact Us

Avenue Georges Desnos
72400 La Ferté-Bernard
Phone: +33 2 43 93 06 80
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Avenue Georges Desnos
72400 La Ferté-Bernard
+33 (0)2 43 93 06 80

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